About Yellowstone

We help you make mindful choices that will improve your wealth and health.

Financial & management Consulting

We are founded based on the decision-making, financial and behavioral expertise of Dr. James Langabeer, an internationally acclaimed professor, author, speaker, and financial advisor. His training in behavioral economics and decision sciences provide a global perspective on important decisions affecting money and life. He has been named a Top Coach from Success Magazine, and has been featured in  Forbes and hundreds of other publications.

We have worked on strategy, operations, and financial consulting projects for many large and small companies. 

James is the author of the upcoming book The Quest for Wealth (Routledge Press, 2022) and 6 other books, including a best-selling textbook.

The Mindful Money Management Model (TM) is Yellowstone’s proprietary path towards wealth, which forms the basis for our financial advising and coaching. Our firm integrates principles of psychology to improve how our clients make money choices.

Firm qualifications Include:

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Our Core Values

We help you make better money and life decisions.

Financial Discipline

We focus on providing you confidence and consistency to stick with budgets, investments, and goals.


We utilize evidence-based principles of psychology and behavioral strategies to offer mindful implementation of financial choices.

Long-term Horizon

We help you focus on your long-term goals and planning horizon. While volatility impacts us daily, a long-term focus will help you achieve wealth.

Our Purpose

• Our purpose is simple. To help you make better financial and strategic choices.
• We offer customized solutions based on your specific challenges.

About Us

Yellowstone Consulting, LLC is a Texas limited liability company and registered investment adviser firm. We offer both financial consulting for organizations, and financial coaching for individuals. If you come to us for investment management, please see our most recent investment adviser disclosure form (ADV) required by SEC/FINRA and the Texas Securities Board.

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